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Out of this World – Level 4 Sample Unit

Victorian Essential Learning Standards

Out of this world can be used to assess a range of Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

The table below is an example of how this unit might be used to assess some Level 4 standards.




Element of standard

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Interpersonal Development

Working in teams

... work effectively in different teams and take on a variety of roles ...

... work cooperatively to allocate tasks and develop timelines.

... accept responsibility for their role and tasks.

Personal Learning

Managing personal learning

... describe task progress and achievements ...

... develop and implement plans to complete short-term and long-term tasks within timeframes ...

... develop individual learning preferences ...

Discipline-based Learning


Science knowledge and understanding

... apply the terms relationships, models and systems appropriately as ways of representing complex structures.

... explain how the Earth and the Moon operate as a simple system within the larger solar system.

Interdisciplinary Learning


Listening, viewing and responding

... ask clarifying questions about ideas and information they listen to and view.


... summarise and organise ideas and information, logically and clearly in a range of presentations.

... identify the features of an effective presentation and adapt elements of their own presentations to reflect them.

Design, Creativity and Technology

Investigating and designing

... use a range of methods to research and collect data in response to design briefs.

... generate and communicate alternative design ideas in response to a design brief ...

Information and Communications Technology

ICT for creating

... produce accurate and suitably formatted products to suit different purposes and audiences ...

Thinking Processes

Reasoning, processing and inquiry

... develop their own questions for investigation ...

... collect relevant information from a range of sources and make judgments about its worth.

... distinguish between fact and opinion.

For further information see the Assessment section.

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