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New for Old - Level 6 Sample Unit

VELS and Employability Skills

New for old provides opportunities to assess students against elements of Level 6 standards and facets of employability skills as detailed below.

For further information see the Employability skills section.




Element of standard

Related employability skill

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Interpersonal Development

Working in teams

… work collaboratively, negotiate roles and delegate tasks to complete complex tasks in teams.

… clearly articulate or record their reflections on the effectiveness of learning in a team.


… adapts to and contributes to group processes.

Discipline-based learning



(Students) write persuasive texts dealing with complex ideas and issues and control the linguistic structures and features that support the presentation of different perspectives …

They select subject matter and begin to use a range of language techniques to try to position readers to accept particular views of … ideas and information. They compose a range of other texts, such as … workplace texts.


For further information see the Assessment section.

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