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In the News - Level 4 Sample Unit

Activity 1: Thinking about issues

Predicting from headlines

Teachers present students with headlines related to local issues and ask them to predict what the associated article will be about?

Students predict and record ideas under the headings: What, Where, When, Who, Why, How.

Predicting from pictures

The following questions could be selected from a lucky dip to stimulate discussion about pictures on a local issue:

Local news

The class collects local newspaper articles on local issues. Students work in small groups to discuss:

Students form six groups and are allocate one coloured thinking hat each. Each group considers the issues in one article – from the perspective of their thinking hat only. Each group then chooses a representative to record their ideas and present them to the whole class. After each presentation, students from other (coloured thinking hat) groups can add ideas.

Students stand along a line (marked ‘Agree’ at one end and ‘Disagree’ at the other) and respond to statements made by their teacher about the issues; for example, ‘Pollution in our local creek is an important local issue.’ This activity can be repeated later (see Activity 6) to see if opinions change after student research has been completed.

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