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In the News - Level 4 Sample Unit


In In the news students undertake a research activity on an issue in the local community and report to the class using a multimedia slide-show presentation. Students develop an action plan to address the issue and write an article which could be published appropriately.

Students use multimedia software to compose, record and revise their report. Students identify photographs and sound to use in their slide shows and enhance the presentation. During the research they use strategies such as brainstorming, planning, questioning, note making, action planning, composing and revising, and they refine their editing skills through improving their own texts. Students learn how context, purpose and audience shape and influence written texts. They set personal goals and evaluate their own learning and social interactions throughout the unit.

This unit provides opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement against the standards in Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, English, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Thinking Processes.

Learning focus

This unit addresses learning focus statements from all three strands at Level 4:

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Interpersonal Development

Personal Learning

Civics and Citizenship

Discipline-based Learning


Interdisciplinary Learning

Information and Communications Technology

Thinking Processes


In the news (PDF - 117KB)

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