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An Enterprising Idea - Level 6 Sample Unit


In An enterprising idea students develop a brochure or website which provides potential entrepreneurs with advice about starting a small business. Through this project, students develop an understanding of enterprise attributes and employability skills required to run a small business.

As part of a team, students research, collect, organise and analyse information related to the establishment of a small-scale business project. They plan activities, manage resources (time, people and finances) and use information and communications technology to record and monitor team progress and to prepare a brochure or website.

Students also reflect on how they worked as part of a team and how they contributed to the successful management of their project.

Suggested duration: 12 hours.

For further information see the Teaching, learning and assessment activities section.


This unit provides opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement of elements of Level 6 standards in Interpersonal Development, The Humanities – Economics, and Information and Communications Technology.

This unit will also help teachers identify ways in which the Level 6 standards support students to develop facets of employability skills.

For further information see the VELS and Employability skills section.

Students are assessed on their ability to:

For further information see the Assessment section.


The VCAA acknowledges teachers from Bayside Secondary College, Macleod College P-12 and Rowville Secondary College who contributed ideas or materials that helped shape this unit.

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