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Progression Point Examples

What are progression points?

The progression points is a scale used in the assessment and reporting of student achievement. The progression point scale ranges from 0.5 to 6.75. Each progression point represents six months of expected student progress.

For each reporting period, teachers make on-balance judgments about student progress in relation to the standards. As students progress along a continuum of learning, teachers will assign the progression point that most closely matches where the student is at in relation to the standards at each level.

What are the progression point examples?

Progression point examples are provided in each domain for each level where standards are provided.

Progression point examples are designed to:

  • illustrate how a student might show evidence of progression
  • assist teachers in assessing student progress in relation to the standards
  • be used in conjunction with assessment maps
  • be modified by schools so that the examples reflect the curriculum structure and timing of when content and skills are taught and assessed

Progression point examples are NOT designed to:

  • be used as a ‘syllabus’
  • be used a comprehensive guide for assessment and reporting
  • be used as a definitive or mandated set of progression measures for student assessment
  • be the only resource used by teachers to assign progression points on student reports

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