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Program Support Group

The program support group (PSG) is a team of people that work collaboratively to develop, write, monitor and evaluate the individual learning plan – a document which links the specific needs of the student to the three strands.

The PSG represents a collaborative partnership in the educational planning process between the parent/guardian/carer, the student and the school. It works towards developing a pathway plan for educational progress for students with disabilities.

Membership of the PSG comprises the student (where appropriate), parent/guardian/carer of the student, a parent/guardian/carer advocate, principal or the principal’s nominee and a class teacher (primary) or teacher/s nominated as having responsibility for the student (secondary). The PSG may also co-opt other members with knowledge or information relevant to the educational and social needs of the student.

When planning and developing programs for a student with a disability, the PSG is advised to use the following sequence as devised by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). The PSG should:

Further information on Program for students with disabilities (www.education.vic.gov.au/healthwellbeing/wellbeing/disability/default.htm) is located on the DEECD website.

The PSG establishes shared goals for the student’s educational future. Important considerations for the PSG when setting educational goals are to:

In association with classroom teachers, the PSG assesses individual requirements for achieving within the classroom and then collaboratively develops long-term and short-term goals at the appropriate curriculum level within the strands, domains and dimensions of the Standards.


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