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Assessment and Reporting

All students will participate in programs that allow them to achieve the maximum extent possible in the standards. For schools, this may mean developing individual learning plans for students with disabilities that are tailored to individual circumstances and designed within the curriculum described in the standards. Through standards-based assessment and reporting, valuable information about student progress is provided.


To assess student performance schools may decide to take an integrated approach to assessment across a range of domains. Some students with disabilities will make similar progress in a number of domains as their peers. Goals developed for students from PSG meetings will provide alternative ways of achieving specific standards.

In assessing students, teachers:

Reporting to parents

It is reasonable to expect that reports to parents will provide information on what students know, what they can do and how they can improve. The PSG goals and individual learning plan provide an important focus for reporting to parents. Program modifications and alternative learning pathways for demonstrating the standards should be considered in the reporting process.

Reporting student achievement to parents can also be facilitated through student work samples, portfolios, parent/student/teacher conferences, communication diaries and student self-assessment on their progress.

While reporting of student achievement will be decided at the local level, the VCAA provides advice and support to assist education sectors and schools in aligning reports on student achievement around the Victorian Essential Learning Standards strands and domains. However, the primary responsibility for developing reporting guidelines and formats rests with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and schools.

Reporting Advice (www.education.vic.gov.au/aboutschool/studentreports/default.htm) for government schools can be found on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website.

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