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Design Process

This describes a methodology used in Design, Creativity and Technology. Other domains may employ different processes for designing.

Some downloads are applicable to a range of domains, some are applicable only to Design, Creativity and Technology. Student worksheets can be downloaded in PDF and MS Word format.



Design briefs worksheets

Developing design briefs
Advice on developing design briefs DOC (80 KB) PDF (1.07 MB)
Writing and using a design brief within a unit of work DOC (179 KB) PDF (1.87 MB)
Annotated design briefs - Teacher Resources
English DOC (89 KB) PDF (1.06 MB)
Music DOC (101 KB) PDF (1.09 MB)


Investigating worksheets

Methods of investigating
Concept mapping DOC (71 KB) PDF (913 KB)
Forced combinations DOC (130 KB) PDF (1.35 MB)
The five Ws and how web DOC (59 KB) PDF (900 KB)
The five whys DOC (98 KB) PDF (1.76 MB)
Fishbone diagram DOC (143 KB) PDF (5.96 MB)
Sticky note analysis DOC (121 KB) PDF (1.2 MB)
Input − output diagram DOC (66 KB) PDF (894 KB)
KWFL chart DOC (73 KB) PDF (908 KB)


Designing worksheets

Methods for creating and developing ideas
Innovative design and problem solving DOC (103 KB) PDF (1.07 MB)
Keys for thinking creatively when designing DOC (63 KB) PDF (1.09 MB)
Keeping a design journal DOC (452 KB) PDF (1.37 MB)
Methods for selecting the best option
Evaluating as you design DOC (76 KB) PDF (1.05 MB)
Design criteria hierarchy DOC (99 KB) PDF (894 KB)
Methods of planning for producing
Flowchart DOC (72 KB) PDF (1.07 MB)
Timeline DOC (144 KB) PDF (1.07 MB)
Sequence table DOC (125 KB) PDF (1.38 KB)


Analysing and evaluating worksheets

Analysing and evaluating DOC (67 KB) PDF (1.07 MB)
Identifying attributes of a product DOC (76 KB) PDF (1.08 MB)


Design process wallcharts

A3 print quality wall charts
Design briefs PDF (336 KB)
Investigating PDF (398 KB)
Designing PDF (318 KB)
Producing PDF (413 KB)
Analysing and evaluating PDF (344 KB)

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