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Teaching Support

A range of support materials are provided to assist teachers to incorporate the VELS into their teaching and learning programs. These resources can be accessed from any page on the VELS website by selecting the required resource from Teaching Support in the main menu. A description of these resources are provided below. Selected resources from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's website are also provided.

Further advice on teaching particular domains can be found in the Domains section.

VELS Teaching Support DEECD Support Materials

Assessment Maps:
Student work samples with annotations showing how the work addresses selected standards.

Bushfire Resource:
Links to bushfire education and teaching resources provided by various Government authorities

Concepts and skills charts:
Charts showing how skills and concepts are developed across levels. Links to teaching ideas and resources.

Cross-curricular perspectives:
Information about the VELS can be used to cover a range of issues and themes.

Design awareness in schools:
Information, resources, PowerPoints and student tasks to support teacher and student understanding of design principles.

ESL companion to the VELS:
Information about assessing student achievement and developing effective learning programs for ESL students.

Graphic organisers:
Templates and information about using graphic organisers to teach Thinking Processes.

Progression point examples:
Examples of how student progress can be shown between VELS levels.

Sample units:
Examples of multi-domain teaching, learning and assessment units based on the VELS domains.

Students with disability guidelines:
Information about assessing student achievement and developing effective learning programs for students with a disability.

Teaching, learning and assessment advice:
Advice and examples of teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

Assessment Advice:
DEECD advice on assessment including self-assessment tools, professional learning modules, tools and resources.

Domain Pages and Continuums:
DEECD teaching and learning support, assessment, professional learning and research for each domain.

eLearning and ICT:
Advice, resources and ideas for eLearning and developing ICT skills.

Multi-domain Assessment Tasks:
Examples of multi-domain assessment tasks on the DEECD website.

Principles of Learning and Teaching (POLT):
DEECD's principles with professional learning support materials including the PoLT online resource, data collection tools and case studies.

Student Reports:
Advice on writing student reports and requirements for government schools.

Themed Programs:
A range of programs to support curriculum planning and delivery on the DEECD website.


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