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Curriculum Planning Framework

The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) are designed to be used as a framework for whole school curriculum planning. Successful implementation requires a holistic, whole school response to student learning, and is best planned from a ‘macro’ or big picture perspective.

The VELS can be viewed as a form of triple helix whereby three, mutually dependent, intertwining learning strands contribute both individually and in combination to ensuring that students finish their compulsory years of schooling equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours essential for further education, work and life.

This diagram illustrates the whole school curriculum planning approach provided by the VELS.

VELS Whole school curriculum planning diagram

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The essence of the VELS is not just that the learning in all three strands is required to prepare students for the future but that their interaction matters as well. It is the integrated focus on knowledge, skills and behaviours in the Physical, Personal and Social, the Discipline-based and Interdisciplinary learning strands that develops deep understanding in learners which can be transferred to new and different circumstances.

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