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CAS Technology at Mathematics Level 6


This advice has been developed by the VCAA to assist teachers to incorporate computer algebra system (CAS) technology in curriculum planning for implementation based on Mathematics Level 6. The corresponding mathematics courses will typically be implemented across Years 9 and 10.

Application of technology with CAS functionality should be considered within the broader context of the use of technology to support the teaching and learning of mathematics in the Prep to Year 12 curriculum. In particular, it should be noted that hand-held and computer based technologies that incorporate symbolic manipulation functionality (or computer algebra as it is also known), either built in, or by supplementary programs or applications, also variously support or incorporate text, numerical, statistical, graphical and geometry functionality. Therefore, while there has sometimes been a focus on the incorporation of symbolic manipulation as a particular type of functionality of interest on certain hand-held devices, commonly called CAS calculators, the scope for working mathematically using such technology is, in practice, broader than this one aspect.


This advice is presented in several sections:


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