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Structure of the Interpersonal Development Domain

The Interpersonal Development domain is organised into six sections, one for each level of achievement from Level 1 to Level 6. Each level includes a learning focus statement and, where applicable, a set of standards organised by dimension.

Learning focus

Learning focus statements are written for each level. These outline the learning that students need to focus on if they are to progress in the domain and achieve the standards at the levels where they apply. They suggest appropriate learning experiences from which teachers can draw to develop relevant teaching and learning activities.


Standards define what students should know and be able to do at different levels and are written for each dimension. In Interpersonal Development, standards for assessing and reporting on student achievement apply from Level 1, although at this level they are not organised by dimension.


Standards in the Interpersonal Development domain are organised in two dimensions:

Building social relationships

Learning in the Building social relationships dimension supports students to initiate, maintain and manage positive social relationships with a diverse range of people in a range of contexts. Students learn about and practise the social conventions which underpin relationships and learn how to act in socially responsible ways. Strategies for understanding, managing and resolving conflict are also an important focus.

Working in teams

In the Working in teams dimension students develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to cooperate with others to contribute to the achievement of group goals. The focus is not only task achievement, but also on contributing to, and reflecting on, the learning which occurs through being part of a team.

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