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Structure of the Health and Physical Education domain

The Health and Physical Education domain is organised into six sections, one for each level of achievement from Level 1 to Level 6. Each level includes a learning focus statement and a set of standards organised by dimension.

Learning focus

Learning focus statements are written for each level. These outline the learning that students need to focus on if they are to progress in the domain and achieve the standards at the levels where they apply. They suggest appropriate learning experiences from which teachers can draw to develop relevant teaching and learning activities.


Standards define what students should know and be able to do at different levels and are written for each dimension. In Health and Physical Education, standards for assessing and reporting on student achievement apply from Level 1.


Standards in the Health and Physical Education domain are organised in two dimensions.

Movement and physical activity

The Movement and physical activity dimension focuses on the important role that physical activity, sport and recreation need to play in the lives of all Australians by providing opportunities for challenge, personal growth, enjoyment and fitness. It promotes involvement in a manner that reflects awareness that everyone has the right to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. It develops students’ confidence in using movement skills and strategies to increase their motivation to become active as well as improve their performance and maintain a level of fitness that allows them to participate in physical activity without undue fatigue. It builds understanding of how training and exercise in areas such as strength, flexibility and endurance relate to physical performance.

Health knowledge and promotion

The Health knowledge and promotion dimension examines physical, social, emotional and mental health and personal development across various stages of the lifespan. It focuses on safety and the identification of strategies to minimise harms associated with particular situations or behaviours. Students examine the promotion of health of individuals and the community through the use of specific strategies and the provision of health resources, services and products. They examine the factors that influence food selection and the role of nutrition on health growth and development.

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