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The Humanities - History - Pathways to VCE, VCE VET and VCAL

Post-compulsory pathways from History

As students approach the end of the compulsory years of schooling they begin to make choices about their preferred areas of and pathways for learning. Students choose studies from the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or recognised vocational training through either a Vocational Education Training (VET) program or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

Learning in the History domain provides students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for understanding themselves and their world, applying their understanding in their present lives, and considering possible futures. It provides knowledge and skills which prepare students for a number of VCE, VET and VCAL studies as well as lifelong learning essential for understanding Australia’s history and the challenges of a globalised world. History also provides the basis for developing a sense of personal, cultural and national identity in a pluralist and multicultural nation.

The History domain encompasses the broad sweep of human history and includes key events, ideologies and social movements that have shaped the contemporary world. Students learn about change over time and significant continuities that exist. History develops an understanding of culture and the values and ideas important to societies. Students learn about events in the history of Australia and other nations. They develop an understanding of the relationship between time and place and are encouraged to consider diverse perspectives and interpretations of events.

Through the study of history, students develop a range of reasoning and interpretation skills including the evaluation and analysis of sources, the location and documentation of evidence, and research skills, including making judgments, forming arguments and presenting understanding based on evidence.



Lifelong learning

  • Understanding of national history and Australia's interrelationships with the rest of the world.
  • Understanding the history of Australia's diverse multicultural society.
  • Understanding and development of personal, cultural and national identity.
  • Skills of analysis and synthesis of sources.
  • Skills in developing points of view based on evidence.
  • Skills in locating data, resources and evidence.
  • Understanding of a range of perspectives.
  • Skills in research and critical inquiry.
  • Skills in presenting understanding based on analysis of evidence.


  • Twentieth-Century History
  • Applied History in the Community
  • People and Power
  • Conquest and Resistance
  • Koorie History
  • Australian History
  • Revolutions
  • Renaissance Italy
  • International Politics
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Religion and Society
  • Classical Societies and Cultures


The generic skills in reasoning, analysis, evaluation and presentation developed in history support student learning in a range of VET studies. The content and concepts of history support student learning specifically in:

  • Community recreation
  • Community services.


VCE History can contribute to a VCAL program as a general credit. Each VCE unit will contribute one credit to a VCAL program. A VCAL program must have a minimum of ten credits including at least one unit in the four compulsory strands listed above.

For further information please contact the VCAL Coordinator at your child's school.


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