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Approaches to Design, Creativity and Technology

This section provides advice about approaches to implementing the standards in Design, Creativity and Technology. The advice draws on diverse approaches to teaching and learning and can be adapted to suit preferred pedagogies or available resources. Specialist and generalist teachers can use the advice individually or in teams for planning and auditing programs.

Teachers can adapt these examples by using stimulus material or repertoire suitable for their students.

Healthy Eating - Year 8 Home Economics Unit Level 5
Download design briefs Design and technology processes and the development of design briefs – (PDF - 97KB)
Download guidelines Guidelines for the development of production skills – (PDF - 27KB)
Download level 3 Design, Creativity and Technology Level 3 – (PDF - 30KB)
Download level 4 Design, Creativity and Technology Level 4 – (PDF - 32KB)
Download level 5 Design, Creativity and Technology Level 5 – (PDF - 33KB)
Download level 6 Design, Creativity and Technology Level 6 – (PDF - 32KB)

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