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Revisions to the Standards

There have been several minor revisions to the standards and related publications.

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December 2005 revisions

In December 2005 minor refinements were made to the originally proposed standards and learning focus statements following feedback from the validation process. These refinements also incorporated the analysis of results from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and The International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).

Changes to the learning domains were minimal and generally related to issues of clarity of purpose, consistency of language and provision of further examples. Changes to the Mathematics, Science and English domains were the most notable.

The revisions to the Mathematics domain provided greater clarity and accessibility to the document through the use of simpler language and the inclusion of examples while also addressing a small number of sequencing and placement issues. In particular, Number and Structure were both strengthened at Level 5 to provide a more even progression from Level 4 to Level 6.

In the revised Science domain the relationship between the learning focus statement and the standards was made clearer. More specific examples of science concepts were provided to ensure a balance between the fundamental and new emerging areas of science. The glossary was also expanded.

Revisions to the English domain created a more explicit link between English and literacy. Literary texts were identified as a primary focus for the study of English. There were also more specific guidelines for the development of grammatical and literacy skills to prepare students for the demands of the post-compulsory years of education and the world of work.

A summary of the revisions made to all domains can be found in Summary of Revisions to the Standards – December 2005 (PDF – 38KB)

January 2008 revisions

Minor amendments were made to the domain introductions and learning focus statements to indicate their relationship with the National Statements of Learning.

The language category of Classical languages was added to the Languages Other Than English domain. This involved the addition of standards for Classical languages for Pathway 2 Levels 5 and 6. There was no change for the standards for Pathway 1 or any of the learning focus statements.

October 2009 revisions

The language category of Aboriginal languages was added to the Languages Other Than English domain. As no Victorian Aboriginal language has survived intact, there is a focus on language reclamation skills and culture study, so a different set of learning focus statements and standards are provided.

The setting up of a teaching program of Aboriginal languages needs to be done in consultation with local Aboriginal groups and must follow the Protocols for teaching Aboriginal languages.

The standards and learning focus statements are included in the Protocols document. The Languages Other Than English and VELS level booklets refer to the standards and learning focus statements for this language category and refers the reader to the Protocols document for the actual standards and learning focus statements.

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