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Development of the VELS

Following on from the consultation process, the VCAA continued to work with researchers, teachers and schools in analysing responses to the proposed approach and developing detailed aspects of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

A range of statewide seminars were held during late 2004 for curriculum leaders to introduce the key elements of the VELS. This included the rationale, purpose, structure, key features and the online design format. Participants were provided with opportunities to reflect on and discuss implementation and planning strategies for their schools.

Publication timeline

The first stage of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards was released in December 2004. This included:

The second stage was launched by the Minister for Education and Training in March 2005. This included:

Material from the first and second stages plus other work initiated through the Blueprint for Government Schools were published on the Student Learning April 2005 DVD that was distributed to schools and the education community in May 2005. Other Blueprint initiatives included on the DVD were the:

The third stage was published on the VELS website in December 2005. This included:

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